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Product Details
Product Name : Viavent
       Product Discription

Present day systems involve cumbersome expensive and time consuming methods of handling chip and coolant. By combining the basic principles of physics with technological innovation the Viavent provides a more efficient convenient and cost effective method of handling chips and coolants. Some of the important advantages that the Viavent brings with it are :

  1. Flexible shop layout as the machine location is not tied to coolant trenches.

  2. Lower risk of pollution because of closed loop system

  3. Reduced operating cost due to lower system requirements.

  4. Easy access for maintenance.

What makes Viavent unique ?

  1. Digests larger chips than conventional pump back systems.

  2. Ensures no clogging or sedimentation of chips in the piping.

  3. Greater flexibility because of easy, low cost modification and expansion of the system with changing production requirements.

  4. Ensures that there is no fouling as in a typical overhead pump back station.

  5. Piping system is mounted horizontally above the floor so there are no slopes to limit piping runs.

  6. Easier maintenance due to self-cleaning feature.

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