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Product Details
Product Name : Pushbar Conveyor
       Product Discription

When the length of a single unit exceeds 25 to 30 m, operating costs of a pushbar conveyor are lower than any other conveyor of the same capacity. The maximum length is 150 m.This conveyor also solves conventional problems such as winding of pusher rods as well as widely improves the conveyance distance and wear resistance. This cost effective equipment is Mayfran’s high efficiency designed product which offers medium distance conveyance of long and short chips with high volume coolant. It is the ideal choice for a central conveyor.The automotive and bearing manufacturing industries are satisfied users and now the pushbar conveyor services the state of the art F.M.S Plants.To suit the required swarf removal capacity intervals between strokes can be set in the control pane. Tramp material and bar ends will not harm the conveyor since free moving, self centering bar design will avoid jamming and subsequent damage. The cylinder , powered by a hydraulic powerpack moves the conveyor bar. In installations with several pushbar conveyors a double acting powerpack is used offering considerable savings in initial costs.The modular design of the conveyor facilitates easy extension of the conveyor. All the conveyor components being manufactured on a production line basis, a tight fit and interchangeability of spare parts are guaranteed.
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