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Product Details
Product Name : Permanent Media Filter C-COM
       Product Discription

This systems employs an indexing filter drum made from finely woven mesh to filter the coolant. A scraper chain removes chips from inside the unit. Separate float switches are provided to sense coolant levels inside the unit. The unit comes with added features such as a scraper cleaning arrangement and drip coolant catcher to enhance performance.Contaminated coolant from the machine flows into the filter by gravity/pump pressure. Heavier chips that settle down are carried away by the scraper chain. The floating fines are arrested on the outer surface of the drum forming a filter cake, which acts as a secondary filter media and the clean coolant flow out from the drum sides into the coolant tank. With the increase in the size of the filter cake there is a rise in the level of the coolant in the unit. Once a predetermined level is reached, the float switch actuates the drum drive and the drum indexes. Simultaneously the drum surface gets cleaned by a wiper and a high pressure coolant backwash. Special features1. Compact size2. Filter drum and scraper chain are driven independently resulting in lower risk of system and component failure, increased flexibility and ease in operation.3. Additional safetly features such as overflow detection alarm.4. Improved efficiency and performance because of scraper cleaning attachment and coolant drip catcher.
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