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Product Details
Product Name : Desolventiser Toaster
       Product Discription

The Miven Desolventiser Toaster is a fully-automatic, with pneumatic controls on the gates and discharge. It is composed of only one single body unit and several floors, which form the desolventization and toasting stages.

In the desolventization stage, steam injection is direct, with individual adjustments, through meat mixers.During toasting operation, steam rises counter-flow to the MARC, through special grills. Uncondensed live steam, hexane vapours and noncondensable gases in the system go through the tubes mounted on the Desolventization Stage.

Special Features:

  • Automatic control of meal bed height
  • Material control, from one floor to the other is performed by an automatic level control system pneumatically commanded, with individual height adjustments which provides an even operation on each floor. The sealing system of automatic devices is performed by high quality seals and gaskets. Layer heights are read by level indicators located on the sidewalls of the D.T.

  • Fully automatic meal discharge control

  • The RURIS TECNAL D.T., besides its exclusive automatic control of the meal bed layer, presents a Discharge rotary valve with a ring bone speed variator pneumatic, running in accordance with flow variations within the planned settings.

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