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Product Name : Vacuum Based Permanent Media Filter PERMAFLOW
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Mayfran Permaflow drum filters have proven their efficiency time and over again due to their reliability, the flexible installation options, as well as their low operating costs for filtering the emulsion or the coolant. In most cases, they don`t need any precipitation of the chips in the fluid and are therefore particularly well suited for the integration in a chipdisposal system and easy to retrofit as expansion or upgrade of the filtering capacity. The configuration of the Permaflow vacuum filter offers a higher percentage purity without the use of filter auxiliary consumables. This in turn drastically lowers the operating costs.

The filtration takes place through the cake formed on an indexing drum. The indexing and backflushing mechanisms ensure an uninterrupted flow of clean coolant and this in turn does away with the requirement of a clean coolant tank.

Perma-Flow offers complete versatility in liquid-solids separation, with units available from 3.5 square feet up to 140 square feet for a custom match to your application.

Perma-Flow offers strainer type separation using either continuous or pressurized incremental backwash, and allows positive cake removal. Fine filtration of less than ten micron is a reality with Perma-Flow, and its modular design provides for parallel operation on large system, or total square capability.

  • Patented Cylinder I.D. and O.D. Wedge Wire Doubles Filter Area Per Unit.

  • All Drive Components Are Mounted in the Top of the Filter. Above Liquid Level, Allowing Visual Inspection of Drive.

  • Patented Incremental Backwash

  • Continuous, Fully Automated Operation

  • No Clean Tank Required

  • Compact and Modular

  • (95%) Cake Retention Increase Coolant Clarity During Index

  • Effective Scraping in No Flow Zone

  • Filter Area From 3.5 to 140 sq. ft.

  • Package Systems Available for Existing Tanks

  • No disposal costs for filter media

  • Additional filter drums can be easily retrofitted

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Saves costs and space

  • System pumps always work on the clean liquid side: less wear

  • Filter elements can be inspected without emptying the reservoir

  • Installed with some of the big names in the European ,American and Indian Auto Industry, this product is a surefire performer.

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