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Product Name : Magnetic Roller Separator
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Magnetic Roller Separator conveyor is an ideal separator for filtering ferrous fines from cutting oil. Its superior design features ensure an effective conveying and filterless cleaning simultaneously. It can handle high volume of ferrous chips-small, free flowing and broken chips upto 75mm long generated during milling, broaching, hobbing, gear cutting operations.A series of stainless steel rollers, each with a permanent magnetic core fitted along the length of the conveyor, are made to rotate axially. The strength of each magnetic core diminishes gradually in the rotational direction of the roller. Swarf is attracted by the magnetic core to the roller surface. As the roller rotates, the swarf moves into a progressively weaker magnetic field. The stronger field of next roller then pulls the swarf onto its surface. Through repetition of this process the separation and conveying is achieved. The swarf is discharged into chip trolley at the end of the conveyor and the coolant flows into tank.Specifications:Nominal Width :150 to 500mmCapacity :60 to 600 Kgs/Hr (Steel),
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