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Product Name : Aluminium Separator Conveyor
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Aluminium Separator conveyor employs a unique technique to remove chips, particles and fines from flowing coolants. It is particularly effective in removing chips that tend to remain suspended in coolants, like aluminium chips. The aluminium separator conveyor overcomes the settling problem of low density metals. As the coolant and fines enter the conveyor, a series of baffles reduces the velocity of incoming coolant and directs the chips towards the bottom of the tank. Absence of turbulence allows most of the fine particles to settle down into the conveyor bottom to be picked up by a scraper chain. Fine or lightweight particles that will not settle down are trapped by a flitermesh as the coolant exits the conveyor. To ensure maximum coolant flow rate, both the inlet and outlet sides of the mesh are continuously wiped clean. Particles dislodged by the wipers onto the conveyor and are removed along with the heavier chips.The aluminium separator conveyor is ideal for machines that work a variety of metals, including those of high specific weight such as copper. Specifications:Nominal Beltwidth :152 to 915mmChain Pitch :Primary: 63.5mm, Auxiliary :31.75mmCapacity :100 to 800LPM (Emulsion),50 to 400LPM (Neat)
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