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Chip and Coolant Separators, Filters

In machine cutting operations where a large quantity of coolant is used, a chip conveyor alone cannot be effective. The used coolant is required to be continuously cleaned of metal particles so that it can be re-circulated. Mayfran's CONSEP 1000, CONSEP 2000, ALUMINIUM SEPARATOR CONVEYOR and MAGNETIC ROLLER SEPARATOR CONVEYOR are proven equipments in this category.

Products Under : Chip and Coolant Separators, Filters
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  Product Description  
Aluminium Separator Conveyor
Aluminium Separator conveyor employs a unique technique to remove chips, particles and fines from flowing coolants. It is particularly effective in removing chips that tend to remain suspended in coolants, like aluminium chips. The aluminium separator conveyor overcomes the settl...
Consep 1000
CONSEP 1000 is a combination of scraper conveyor and filter drum that effectively handles small chips arising out of cutting operations such as milling. The separation of fine metal particles from coolant is effected by the rotating filter drum of finely woven stainless steel mes...
Consep 2000
CONSEP 2000 coolant cleaning separator is the perfect solution for chip conveying and coolant cleaning in a single unit using little floor space. It is engineered to process virtually every chip type with minimal return of chips or fines to the coolant tank. Its modular design ma...
Consep 2000 II
ConSep 2000 is the ultimate solution for chip handling and integrated coolant cleaning at machine centers, multi spindle lathes and in particular high performance integrated lathes with the filtration-taking place at the machine tool itself, the compact system achieves optimized ...
Magnetic Roller Separator
Magnetic Roller Separator conveyor is an ideal separator for filtering ferrous fines from cutting oil. Its superior design features ensure an effective conveying and filterless cleaning simultaneously. It can handle high volume of ferrous chips-small, free flowing and broken chip...
Permanent Media Filter C-COM
This systems employs an indexing filter drum made from finely woven mesh to filter the coolant. A scraper chain removes chips from inside the unit. Separate float switches are provided to sense coolant levels inside the unit. The unit comes with added features such as a scraper c...
Permanent Media Filter RBF

This filter is based on the build-up of a filter cake which is periodically removed through rotation. During the periodic rotation, the coarse particles deposited in the filter housing are also carried out by special cleats. Simultaneously, the accumulated filter cake is remov...

you are currently viewing records 1 - 7 of 7, total 1 pages 
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