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Oil Extraction Preparatory Stage Systems
Fresh seeds from the farm to the bottled refined oil!! Miven Mayfran in cooperation with Ruris Tecnal provides the entire range technology, equipment and service that would make vegetable oil production from seeds a highly profitable job!

Miven Mayfran makes machines as per the latest technology under the license from Ruris Tecnal Extraction Systems Pvt. Ltd., Different oil bearing materials such as oil seeds containing low and high oil contents and rice bran, partial or full pressed oil cakes require to be processed through such machines that will produce oil with low free fatty acids, colours and odours. Our machines give such qualities every hour, every day through out the year, year after year.
Products Under : Oil Extraction Preparatory Stage Systems
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Oil seeds exist in the form of microscopic lets packed in cells with impermeable walls, which are distributed throughout the seed kernel. To facilitate easy flaking if the seed, it is necessary to cook the seed and reduce excess moisture to a desired level.

The Miven May...

This equipment consists of two sets of rolls with helical grooves between which the cleaned seeds are passed through. The seeds are then cracked open to allow for further processing. A vane type feeder is used to uniformly feed the seeds over the entire length of the roll. By...

Desolventiser Toaster

The Miven Desolventiser Toaster is a fully-automatic, with pneumatic controls on the gates and discharge. It is composed of only one single body unit and several floors, which form the desolventization and toasting stages.

In the desolventization stage, steam injection ...

Drier Cooler

  1. The machine is as per Ruris Tecnal design and specifications.

  2. Construction is modular type having flexibility to increase capacity when plant is expanded.

  3. Consists of feed section, cooling section and discharge section. Cooling s...
This is used for Soya beans, cotton seed, wet corn germ, sunflower seed, rapeseed, salseed and many of the seeds and (fully or pre-pressed) oil cakes to make the meat porous and homogenous.

Meats are gradually pressed by the main worm shaft, which is a non continuous knead...

The flaker consists of a pair of rolls through which the seeds are passed. Each roll runs at a different speed. Two pistons commanded by a hydraulic system exert pressure on the flaking rolls.

Seed Cleaner
The seed cleaner is used to clean seeds before they undergo further process treatment for extraction of edible oil.This high performance equipment is composed of a feeder, screeners, an aspiration system and a light trash collector. The feeder is of vane type that evenly spreads ...

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